Special Pickup

We provide a special pick-up service for those customers requiring removal of a large amount of debris or items not accepted as bulk. Since this is a specialized service, we can pick-up the accumulated pile from any place accessible by our truck. We also remove Freon (CFC) items, metal appliances, automobile parts, tires through this service.

  • We do all lifting and loading of debris
  • Fully licensed and insured

Schedule a Special Pick-Up

For more information, please call 610-942-2707

As part of our long-term strategy to improve service, we recently executed a reroute in our private subscription areas, leading to a change in service days for certain customers. This transition, compounded by two weather-related delays, has resulted in increased call volumes and longer than normal hold times. In addition, drivers are still learning their new routes. We anticipate operations will return to normal in the near future and want to thank our customers for their patience during this transition. Please check the map on our homepage if you are unsure what your new collection day is.